Course Outline

    1. Welcome!

    2. What is DOE? And how can I use it to make better pizza!

    3. Quiz 1

    4. Assignment 1

    5. DOE Vs. OFAT.

    6. Assignment II

    7. Steps to apply DOE

    8. Introduction to the P-Value

    9. What is P-Value ?

    10. Assignment 3

    11. Quiz 2

    12. Summery for Section one

    1. Welcome to Section 2

    2. Defining the factors and the output.

    3. Exercise

    4. Assignment 1

    5. Introduction to the DOE Designs and factor levels

    6. Quiz 1

    7. Quiz 2

    8. Assignment 2

    9. The concept of the full factorial design

    10. Assignment 3

    11. Example (Replication and Center point method)

    12. Quiz 3

    13. Assignment 4 (Bonus)

    14. Summery for section 2

    1. Th Fractional factorial design

    2. The concept of the Fractional factorial design

    3. Quiz 1

    4. Assignment 1

    5. Quiz 2

    6. Fractional factorial design (The Resolution)

    7. Quiz 3

    8. Quiz 4

    9. The trade-off table

    10. Assignment 2

    11. Practical example for the resolution

    12. Quiz 5

    13. Exercise 2

    14. Assignment 3

    1. Optimization methods (Response Surface method) (The Section is in Progress)

    2. Introduction to the response surface methodology (RSM)

    3. Central Composite Design (CCD)

    4. Quiz 1

    5. Assignment 1

    6. Practical example using CCD

    7. Randomizing & Blocking

    8. Assignment 2

    1. Case Study for Minitab

    2. Download Minitab

    3. Minitab (Part 1)

    4. Minitab (Part 2)

    5. Minitab (Part 3)

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5 star rating

One of the best learning platforms!

Sabrina Ahsan

My experience with the DoE course is outstanding. The whole course is designed carefully with the best possible graphic description. It would take months if I would try to learn the DoE through other platforms. I am very much looking forward to en...

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My experience with the DoE course is outstanding. The whole course is designed carefully with the best possible graphic description. It would take months if I would try to learn the DoE through other platforms. I am very much looking forward to enrolling in their other courses as well.

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5 star rating

Design of Experiments (DoE)

Nancy Maria

Extensive resources provided!

Extensive resources provided!

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Skills you will gain in the course

  • All the steps to apply a doe method.

  • How to choose the suitable factors for doe, and what the factor levels are.

  • The different doe designs (full factorial design, fractional factorial design, center point method and Central Composite Designs (CCD))

  • How to calculate the effect of the factors by using simple mathematical equations

  • Effect diagram, regression equation, alias structure.

  • What response surface method is, and how we use it to optimize a process.

  • How to carry out an experiment and what randomization and blocking are.

  • Some of the statistical basics, for example what P-Value is.

  • Using Program Minitab (Appling what we learned on a project from real life).

Mastering Data-Driven Decision Making with Design of Experiments (DOE)

Welcome to Excedify's self-paced online Design of Experiments (DOE) Training, a transformative learning experience that equips participants with the essential skills to drive data-driven decision making and process optimization. This comprehensive course offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace while benefiting from expert instructor support throughout your journey.

In today's fast-paced world, organizations rely on efficient experimentation and data analysis to enhance product quality and operational efficiency. The DOE methodology empowers professionals to make informed decisions through structured experimentation and statistical analysis.

Key Learning Objectives: Our engaging online DOE Training is designed to help you achieve the following key objectives:

  1. Fundamental Principles: Gain a deep understanding of DOE fundamentals, including the principles of experimental design, factors, levels, and responses.

  2. Planning Effective Experiments: Learn how to strategically plan experiments to optimize resources and meet specific research or process improvement goals.

  3. Data Collection and Analysis: Acquire hands-on experience in data collection methods and statistical analysis using popular software tools, all within the online platform.

  4. Interpretation and Inference: Develop proficiency in interpreting experimental results, identifying influential factors, and drawing meaningful conclusions.

  5. Advanced DOE Techniques: Explore advanced DOE methodologies like factorial designs, response surface methodologies, and mixture experiments for complex optimization challenges.

  6. Real-World Applications: Apply DOE concepts to real-world case studies and practical scenarios, with the flexibility to access course material and exercises whenever convenient for you.

Who Should Attend: Our self-paced online DOE Training welcomes a diverse audience, including engineers, researchers, R&D professionals, data analysts, quality assurance experts, and anyone engaged in process improvement initiatives. The course accommodates your busy schedule, allowing you to learn and progress at your own speed.

Course Features:

  • 100% Online: Study at your own convenience and pace, accessing course materials anytime, anywhere.
  • Instructor Support: Benefit from expert guidance and support from experienced instructors throughout your learning journey.
  • Interactive Exercises: Engage in interactive exercises and simulations to reinforce your understanding of DOE concepts.
  • Certificate of Completion: Receive a prestigious certificate upon successfully completing the course, showcasing your expertise in Design of Experiments.

Embark on a Journey of Excellence: At Excedify, we believe in empowering professionals like you with knowledge and skills that lead to organizational success. Enroll in our self-paced online Design of Experiments (DOE) Training and gain the confidence to drive data-driven decision making, optimize processes, and achieve your professional goals.

To enroll or inquire further, please contact us at [email protected] . Our team is eager to support your learning journey and ensure a fulfilling experience with our DOE Training.

Empower yourself and your organization with data-driven excellence. Enroll in the Design of Experiments (DOE) Training today!


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P. Winter

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Choose the plan that suits you best. Enjoy 30-day money back guarantee on both plans


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